Some important facts about God Krishna


Have confidence in Karma

We are altogether conceived with a reason, i.e. we are conceived on earth to satisfy a few obligations and consequently, these obligations must be done with no wavering or an uncertainty as a main priority. While playing out these obligations, we ought not expect nothing as yielding outcomes is in our grasp. An individual ought not think of him as or herself as the reason for any result or forgo playing out the obligations adjusted to them. Desires just prompt bitterness and frustrations in life while working ahead with desires will just prompt shocks and satisfaction.

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Karm according to Bhagwat Gita

Keep in mind this essential verse from Shrimad Bhagwat Gita: ‘Karmany evadhikaras te mama phalesu kadachana mama karma-phala-hetur bhur mama te sangostv akarmani’

Swear off bad faith

Our spirit knows us the best. We may mislead the world, however we can’t deceive our spirit. Thusly, we have to confess all to our spirit and on the off chance that we can do as such, we will accomplish a definitive inward peace. Subsequently, recreating the same in our everyday life ought not be as troublesome. Subsequently, we have to reinforce ourselves to confront reality and be honest to everybody around us.

Surrendering to the celestial power

‘hat eva saranam gaccha sarva-bhavena bharata tat-prasadat param shantim sthanam prapsyasi sasvatam’

Surrender to God

God Krishna solicited Arjun to give up from his inner self and surrender totally to the omnipotent above. Surrendering yourself to God implies that you have satisfied your motivation and you are prepared for the subsequent stage. It will enable you to accomplish divine peace and it will prompt God himself. To put it plainly, your life will be wonderful, loaded with ecstasy that we as a whole pine for to accomplish!


Everything occurs for a reason and for good

Master Krishna said that we are on the whole offspring of God, the one maker. Besides, on the grounds that we are his kids, nothing awful can transpire. Consequently, it is best to not cry over things that have happened or over things that we didn’t have control of. We have to give up and acknowledge things. We have to figure out how to concentrate on the future and the present, and not the past.


Esteem fellowship and love

We people blossom with connections. We have to associate with others, as we are profoundly passionate creatures. This is on account of connections offer us cherish, fellowship and organization, all fundamental for mankind. In any case, we don’t esteem the affection and fellowship offered to us. Our eager personalities are perpetually investigating and judging everything around us. Resemble Lord Krishna; he imparted an unadulterated type of kinship to his poor companion Sudama and even with his Gopinis. He adored all creatures as well.

Be compassionate

The god-like made all animals with a similar love and enthusiasm. He adores them all similarly. At that point why should we as people think ourselves to be better and separate between others. By what means would we be able to as negligible individuals choose who is vital and who is definitely not? Along these lines, we have to figure out how to rehearse sympathy, to comprehend and esteem each living being. It will improve us individuals and take us nearer to God.

Have faith in yourself and in God

God is ubiquitous. He is available in the littlest of things and the mountains he made. For us people, the center truth lies in our soul and this soul is the impression of the god-like. God lives in all and our internal voice or the voice of reason is really God directing us on to the correct way. Accordingly, we have to figure out how to confide in ourselves and this will reinforce our confidence in God.

Significance and Puja of Nag Panchami

Dharma is everything

Since we as a whole are conceived with a reason and this reason enables us to complete certain obligations in life, our Dharma is of significance and that’s it. We as a whole follow up on the directions given by God.