Who gets leave on voting day? What do the rules say?


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On 16 March, the Election Commission announced the schedule of the 18th Lok Sabha elections in India. According to the information given by the Election Commission, these elections will be held in seven phases.

The first phase of elections will begin on April 17, while the final phase of voting will take place on June 1. After this, the votes will be counted on June 4.

As is customary, the Election Commission attempts to increase the voting percentage. To achieve this, several campaigns are run to encourage voter participation.


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Polling days are declared public holidays to allow maximum participation in the electoral process. However, many offices remain open on these days.

Under the Representation of the People Act, of 1951, every company is required to declare a holiday in the area where voting is taking place. The company cannot deduct the salaries of its employees on the day of voting. If any company does this then a complaint can be filed against it.


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If a company does not grant leave on the polling day, employees can lodge a complaint with the Election Commission or approach the designated officers for redressal.