Whether the loan is available through an Aadhar card or not, know all the rules!


If someone needs money, he usually goes to the bank and applies for a loan. However, the need to go to the bank to take a loan is no longer necessary.

One can apply for a loan through their bank's app or internet banking. However, in some cases, visiting the bank is still necessary.

People take loans as per their needs. If someone wants to buy a car, he takes a car loan. If they need to buy a house, they take a home loan, while for other needs, there is a provision for a personal loan.

Many people wonder whether a loan can be taken on the basis of an Aadhar card. Let us know whether the loan is really available on an Aadhar card or if it is just a rumour.

So, it should be noted that no such scheme has been launched by the government or any bank where loans can be given only on the basis of an Aadhar card. Aadhar card can be used as a document for loan takers.

However, under the Pradhan Mantri Atmanirbhar Yojana, the loan can be obtained on the basis of an Aadhar card. But this scheme is not available for the general public, only for street vendors.

If a common man wants to take a loan, he can apply for a personal loan from his bank, for which he will have to provide all the necessary documents.