PM Kisan Yojana: Can a farmer with one farm also get the benefit of PM Kisan Yojana? Know here!


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The Central Government is implementing various schemes for the benefit of farmers, providing them with various benefits and facilities. One such scheme is PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, under which financial assistance is provided to farmers every year. Under PM Kisan Yojana, farmers get instalments of Rs 2,000 three times a year, totalling Rs 6,000 in their account. Before the next instalment of this scheme, many farmers have a question in their mind about how much land they need to get the benefit of the scheme. Today we are giving you the answer to this question.

Benefits for lakhs of farmers:

More than 11 crore farmers are registered under PM Kisan Yojana. Just a few days ago, Prime Minister Modi released the 16th instalment of the scheme and deposited funds directly into the accounts of more than 9 crore farmers. Now, farmers who have not registered under the scheme are confused about how much land should be in their name to avail the benefits of the scheme. Some farmers have only one or two farms; Will they also get the benefit of the scheme?

How much land should there be?

When PM Kisan Yojana was launched, initially it included only those farmers who owned more than two hectares of land. However, now every farmer in the country can apply for this scheme, that is, if you have even one acre of agricultural land, then you can avail the benefits of this scheme. However, farmers who do not own any land and work on the farms of others may not be eligible for the benefits of the scheme.

If you have not yet applied for PM Kisan Yojana, you can do so immediately. For this, you will have to go to, where you will get the complete process. The next instalment of Kisan Yojana may be released by May or June.