New SIM Card: This way you will get the SIM card immediately after the phone is stolen, you just have to do this work!


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Losing or having a phone stolen can be a distressing experience for anyone. One of the biggest concerns is losing photos and contacts stored on the phone, which cannot be easily recovered. Some people are also troubled by not being able to sync their contacts with Google. Another concern is how to activate a new SIM card immediately if your mobile is stolen, especially since many people rely heavily on their phones for work. Today we are telling you how to get a new SIM card if your phone is stolen.

Steps to take immediately if your phone is stolen:

First and foremost, file a police FIR (First Information Report). You can do it online or offline. This will protect you from any misuse of your phone, as criminals often use stolen phones for illegal activities. After filing an FIR, call customer care and get your SIM blocked immediately. You will be asked for some information, after which your SIM will be blocked.

How to get a new SIM card:

To get a new SIM card, you have to visit the nearest store. For example, if you use an Airtel SIM, you have to visit an Airtel store. Carry your Aadhaar card and your photograph with you when visiting a store, although photographs are now often taken digitally. Also, keep a copy of the police complaint with you. After providing the required documents, you will receive a new SIM, which will be activated immediately. You may have to pay a fee of around Rs 100 to Rs 200. You can use the new SIM with your old number on any phone.