If someone else has cast the vote in your name then do this immediately, you will get a chance to vote!


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There is a stir across the country regarding the Lok Sabha elections and leaders of various parties have geared up for their election campaign. While announcing the election dates a few days ago, the Election Commission had said that the elections would be held in a total of 7 phases.

According to the Election Commission, the first voting for the Lok Sabha elections will take place on April 19 and the election results will be declared on June 4. Now common people have many questions regarding elections, it is important for them to know the answers.


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One question is whether you can still vote if someone fraudulently votes in your name. The Representation of the People Act, of 1961 provides for this. In such a situation, you can complain to the presiding officer.

You must have your voter ID card and voting slip. The election officer may ask you some questions, after which you can cast your vote using the slip. This is called tender voting.