From which banks you can take a loan under PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme, know here!


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The Indian government often offers various schemes for the citizens of the country. One such scheme was announced by Prime Minister Modi on January 22. This scheme was initially called Rooftop Solar Scheme but now its name has been changed to Pradhan Mantri Solar Household Electricity Scheme. Under this scheme, the government gives subsidies for installing solar systems in homes. Besides, loans can also be obtained from banks for this scheme. Let us know how much subsidy is available for the PM Solar Home Electricity Scheme and which banks are giving loans.

Subsidy Amount:

The government-run Pradhan Mantri Saur Grih Bijli Yojana provides subsidies for various types of rooftop solar systems. The subsidy amount has been increased for various systems. Now, if someone installs a 1 kW rooftop solar system, he will get a subsidy of ₹30,000, while for a 2 kW system, the subsidy will be ₹60,000. Similarly, if someone installs a 3 kW system, he will get a subsidy of ₹78,000.


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Loan from major banks:

Loans can be obtained from many national banks under the Pradhan Mantri Solar Home Electricity Scheme. Talking about SBI, if you install a 3 kilowatt solar system then you can get a maximum loan of Rs 2 lakh. To take a loan it will be necessary to fulfill certain conditions.


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Similarly, if we talk about the Central Bank of India, the bank can give a loan of up to Rs 6 lakh for installing a 3-kilowatt solar system. Punjab National Bank can give a loan of ₹ 6 lakh for a 10 kilowatt solar system. At the same time, a loan of up to ₹ 200,000 can be obtained from Canara Bank for a 3-kilowatt solar system.