Driving License: How much is the fee for making a driving license? Learn how to make it!


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It is very important to have a driving license to drive any type of vehicle on the road. You cannot drive without it.

In India, the minimum age to obtain a license is 18 years, meaning anyone who has turned 18 can apply for a license. People have many questions in their minds regarding driving licenses, which also includes questions regarding license fees.


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Driving license fees may vary from city to city, and regional transport offices (RTOs) charge for permanent and temporary licenses.

According to the information given on the government website parivahan.gov.in, the fee for a learner license is Rs 150. According to this website, there is a charge of Rs 200 for issuing a driving license. Additionally, a fee of Rs 1,000 is stated for the International Driving Permit.

If you need to obtain a driving license, you can visit your state's transport department website and apply online.