Zomato created a Guinness World Record on the road!


Zomato:  Zomato is a food delivery company, which is used by crores of people across the country. In this app, people getmany restaurants located in their city, from where they can order food sitting at home. Shortly after ordering food, the company delivers it to people's homes. It is known for its service. But, now Zomato is in the news for a special reason. Zomato has created a unique world record in Mumbai. The company has created a Guinness World Record for organizing the "largest first aid learning session at one place" by training more than 4,300 delivery partners in one place. 


Zomato CEO expressed happiness

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal expressed happiness by sharing this news on social media and thanked these trained delivery partners. He wrote on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) that "Yesterday in Mumbai, we created a Guinness World Record by organizing the largest first aid learning session at one place with 4,300 delivery partners. Now more than 30,000 Zomato delivery partners are professionally trained to help in any emergency situation on the road. I salute and thank these emergency heroes."

Zomato aims to train delivery partners

Zomato's main goal is to teach its delivery partners life-saving skills. In this training program, essential first aid and things like CPR were taught so that delivery partners could help in any emergency on the road. Along with this, the company also honored the people who performed well and gave them an opportunity to work with the team at Zomato's headquarters. Zomato giving priority to the safety of its partners is a positive step. Now more than 30,000 delivery partners are ready to help people by knowing about first aid.