Youtube Parental Control: Dirty videos will not be seen on YouTube, do this before giving your phone to your child


YouTube Parental Control for Kids: You can easily activate the restricted mode in the YouTube app on your phone so that your children can avoid watching dirty videos. For this, you just have to do this work.

Parental Control on YouTube: Crores of people use YouTube every day. You would get all types of content on this app used for entertainment. But many times people also search for such videos, due to which they have to face problems later. Many times such dirty videos are also seen in the search feed, due to which you hesitate in giving the phone to your family members or children. But today we are telling you such a trick, by which you can easily switch it off and can also give your phone to children. 

First of all, you have to open the YouTube app on your phone. After this, you have to go to your profile and you have to go to the settings option. After this, you have to click on General. After this, when you scroll a little, you will see the option of Restricted Mode. There you will see a button in front, you have to turn it on. As soon as you turn on the button, you have to click on Apply. After turning on this setting, dirty videos will stop appearing on your YouTube feed and you will be able to give your phone to your children also. 

How to turn on subtitles?

Many times we watch such videos due to which we have difficulty understanding the language. But on YouTube, you can understand that video in your language even by turning on subtitles. For this, you will have to do a little work. Whenever you play a YouTube video, you will see the option of CC. By turning it on, you can read the text below the video very easily and you will not have any problem in watching the content of the video.