Youtube Music Ask For Muscic Feature: YouTube Music has launched a new AI-powered feature called "Ask For Music"!


YouTube Music AI Feature: YouTube Music has launched a new AI-powered feature called "Ask For Music". This feature is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is an easy way to find your favorite song. This feature is brand new and will change the way you search for songs on YouTube Music. It will make the way you search for songs in the app easier and more fun. This feature can prove to be very useful for users. Let us tell you about this feature in detail. 


How do you discover songs now?

Till now, to search for songs on YouTube Music, you have to type the song name, artist name, or some words of the song.

How does the "Ask for Music" feature work?

The "Ask for Music" feature is a little different. It understands what you are saying and finds songs based on that. For example, you can say "Hey YouTube Music, play me some good songs for working out" or "Play me songs I like in the rain". You can also describe or hum a music video. The AI ​​will then use the information you provide to find the song for you. 

when will this feature come

Currently, the "Ask for Music" feature is in trial mode, meaning it is not fully ready yet. But it will be much better in the future. For now, it is available to use only on some Android devices. Apart from this, another new feature has recently come on YouTube Music which is called "Hum To Search". In this, you can search for any song by humming, singing, or humming the tune of the song. You do not need to remember the lyrics of the entire song, it will recognize the song just by humming a little tune.