YouTube Ad Blocking Tips: This is how you can block ads while watching videos on YouTube!


Now watching videos on YouTube is like watching TV. Because many types of advertisements keep coming one after the other. It is not possible to watch the video continuously. When someone is watching an important or interesting video, an ad pops up which takes the mood off. Advertisements are the main source of revenue for YouTube. Interstitial ads can be blocked while watching videos on YouTube. So how can it happen that you don't get any ads while watching videos on YouTube..? For this, a trick (Tech Tips) is being given here.


Use an ad blocker:

If you watch YouTube videos in a browser, using a quality ad blocker will allow you to watch YouTube ad-free. Ad blockers such as AdBlock and StopAds are available as browser extensions. Install it and you can enjoy ad-free YouTube. There are also alternatives to adblockers. Without using an ad blocker, you can find ad blocker videos on search engines like AdlessTube, ViewPure, and Voila by entering the URL and keywords of the YouTube video.

Use YouTube alternative apps:

No ads mean you can use other alternative apps. Apps like OGYoutube, DNS66, NewPipe, YT Vanced, and Ad Clear are available in the play store and by installing these you can watch ad-free YouTube videos. You can download and watch it if you want. YouTube itself has given the option to download, so if you don't have an internet connection, you can watch it comfortably without any ads.

Placing a dot (.) before in any YouTube link will block all ads that appear next to that video. This only applies to desktop browsers.


Youtube Premium:

Those who are bothered by ads can subscribe to the YouTube Premium account by paying money. Privileges available in the free account are not available in YouTube Premium. Till now there were only credit card and debit card options for its payment. But now fees can also be paid through UPI. In this, you can listen to songs from the repository of YouTube Music. You can also watch episodes of the YouTube Original series.