You will not need a phone for online payment, you will be able to pay from your watch!



Earlier we all used to transact through cash. Therefore, if one had to go anywhere, the first thing one had to do was keep money in one's pocket. If ever I forgot money at home, I used to get worried. Then came ATMs with the help of which it became easy to withdraw money anywhere. After demonetization, we all are moving towards digital payments. Now payment can be done through a smart phone. But now it will be possible to make a payment even if you do not have a phone. You will be able to make payment through the watch.

Now make payment through the watch.

You can make payments through a smart watch. Airtel has launched a new smartwatch. Through this, you will be able to make online payments. Airtel has launched this new watch to make online payments easier for customers. Airtel Payment Bank Smartwatch has been launched by Airtel.

Which watch is this?

Wireless brand Noise has partnered with Airtel Payments Bank and Martar Card. In the Airtel Payments Bank Smartwatch, users get the option to make payments by tapping. You can make online payments through this watch. Payment ranging from Rs 1 to Rs 25 thousand can be made through this watch. Along with these smart features, this watch is also special in terms of looks.

This watch also has a Bluetooth calling function. Once this watch is charged, it lasts for 10 days. It also has an NFC chip supporting the MasterCard network. Apart from this, it is water and dust-resistant.

How much does the watch cost?

With all these features this watch is economical for your pocket. You can buy this watch for Rs 2,999. It has black, grey and blue colour options. So if you also want to make online payments without mobile then this is a good option.