You will be able to manage emails just by swiping


Gmail Useful Features: Every Android smartphone has a Gmail app. This is Google's in-house app which comes pre-installed in the phone. This is a service of Google which allows the user to send and receive emails to anyone. Its benefits are not limited to email only, but in this users get many such features which are very useful for the users and also make their work easier. However, many people are not aware of these features. Today we tell you about three features of Gmail that help you to work faster and also save your time. Let us tell you about them.


Manage mail with a swipe (for mobile)

There is a facility to manage mail by swiping in the Gmail app on the smartphone. This is very easy and very fun. You can manage emails by swiping left or right on the screen. But, many people are not able to take advantage of this because they do not know about it. For this, you can go to Settings > General Settings > Swipe Action option in your Gmail app. Here you can choose how you want to manage your emails by swiping. You can choose from archive, delete, and read/unread options here. This method will help you save time.

Confidential mode

Ever wanted to email someone important information but also be cautious about security? Then Gmail's Confidential Mode is for you. While writing an email, press the lock and clock icon at the bottom. You can set the email's expiration date, require a password to open it, and even set that the receiver cannot forward, copy, print, or download it.

Ability to send email later

Have you written an email but don't want to send it now? No problem, you can also schedule it to send later. After writing the email, click on the arrow next to the send button and then select the "Schedule send" option. Now you can choose the date and time when you want to send this email. This feature is useful for emails that you want to send at a specific time or want to write in advance.