You should also know the correct way to scan a QR code, you will never get scammed!


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A man came to Ramdayal's shop. He saw an old radio in the shop and called it unique and offered him Rs 10,000. The man asked Ramdayal to scan the QR code to make a payment. What would you have done if you were in Ramdayal's place?

If your answer is yes then you may be in big trouble. In fact, the QR code is only scanned to make payment, not to receive. You should not scan QR codes to receive payments. If someone is asking you to do this, then understand that you are being cheated and an attempt is being made to rob you.

A video has been posted on the official Check out the video here.

The right way to pay with a QR code:

QR code is a type of barcode. QR code payment is a way through which you can pay for any goods or services using your smartphone. This is a safe and easy method. However, you should be careful while paying via QR code to avoid scams.

Scan QR codes from trusted sources:

If you scan a QR code from an unknown source, you may be directed to malware or scam websites.

Inspect the QR code carefully before scanning it. Make sure the QR code is clear. Do not scan if there is any deformity or damage.

Check your camera's security settings before scanning QR codes. Make sure you're allowing camera access only to trusted apps.

If you are in an unfamiliar location, avoid scanning QR codes using public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi networks are often unsecured and can leave you vulnerable to malware or scams.

If you're in doubt about a QR code, scan it with malware scanner software on your computer before scanning it with your smartphone.

If you want to start using QR code payments, you can do so through your bank or digital wallet app. Many banks and digital wallets support QR code payments.