You should also know about these features from editing messages to chat pins on Instagram!


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On the evening of March 5, Meta's two social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, experienced a server outage. This caused inconvenience to some users for some time, but users have resumed using their favourite platforms. Meanwhile, Meta has added some new features to its photo-sharing platform Instagram. Let's know about these features

Edit message:

Instagram has introduced a new feature for users who send direct messages (DM). Now, users can edit messages sent in DM within the next 15 minutes. To do this, users need to tap and hold the message they want to edit. After that click on the edit option in the context menu. After that click on desired edit and then click on Done.

Pin Chats:

Another new feature on Instagram is called 'Pin Chats'. With the help of this feature, users can pin up to three chat boxes from their Insta message box. These chat boxes can include group chats with a private person. To use this feature, users need to swipe left on the chat they want to pin to their Instagram message box. After this, users will see three options – Pin, Mute and Delete. By selecting 'Pin', users can pin the chat.


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Read Receipts:

Instagram has now introduced a read receipts feature like WhatsApp. If you turn off read receipts, the person who sent you a DM won't know whether you've read their message or not. This feature has been present in WhatsApp for a long time. To use it on Instagram, users need to open Instagram > click on the profile icon visible in the bottom right corner > click on the hamburger icon in the top-right corner > go to Settings & Privacy > scroll down Tap on Message & Story Replies > Click on Show Read Receipts, and from here, users can turn the feature on or off.

Chat Themes:

Users can now completely customize their Direct Message window to completely transform their messaging experience with the introduction of Chat Themes. Instagram allows users to customize their DM window with their favourite theme. Instagram has added special options like Love, Lollipop, Avatar and many more.