You may not even know these secret features of Gmail, click to know!


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You might have been using Gmail for a long time, but there are some features in it that you might not know about. We are going to tell you about some special tricks of Gmail which will improve your experience of using Gmail.

The first feature is related to Confidential Email. Very few people know that Gmail allows sending confidential emails. To enable it, you need to tap the lock icon while composing a new email.

The second feature is View Emails Offline where you can read emails without an internet connection. To do this you have to go to Gmail settings and tap on Enable Offline Email.


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The third feature is Schedule Email, where you can schedule any email on Gmail for a specific time. For this, you will have to go to Schedule Send and select the date and time.

The fourth feature is the right-click menu, where when you right-click, several options appear such as Attachments, Move to Tab, Reply All, and Search.

The fifth secret feature of Gmail is Shortcuts. Press Shift + I to mark as read, press Command or Ctrl + Enter to send the email, and press Shift + Ctrl + B to add receivers.