You can easily delete transaction history on Google Pay in this way, know the process!



Nowadays, most of the people prefer to use online transaction platforms for their financial transactions. Be it shopping, recharging their phone, paying bills or making small payments, they rely on online transactions. Google Pay is one of the popular transaction platforms. People like to use Google's app because of its high security. However, sometimes individuals face situations where acquaintances start checking their phones as soon as they meet, which increases the concern of hiding their transaction history.

In such cases, if someone wants to hide their transaction history, they can do so easily. Here, we will explain how you can delete your transaction history on Google Pay.

Google Pay transaction history:

Basically, Google Pay saves every transaction detail you make, including time, amount, transaction ID, and other details. You can choose to delete this history if you want. Deleting history is a simple process, and you can follow the steps given below to do it step by step. After that your worries will go away and your transaction history will be deleted.


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Check transaction history like this:

First of all, open the Google app on your smartphone and scroll down. Here you will get the option of 'Show transaction history'. Click on this option. Now, your transaction history will open, showing details of all sent and received transactions.


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How to delete transaction history?

For this, you just have to go to Google Chrome on your phone. Click on this link – and log in to your Google account. Then click on the three dots visible in the left corner. Now go to the 'Data & Privacy' option and click on 'History Settings'. After this click on the 'Web & App Activity' option and then click on 'Manage all Web & App Activity'. Click on the three dots in the search bar. After doing this, select the Google Activity option and click on Google Pay Experience. After going to the Google Pay Experience option, click on 'Manage Activity'. Click on the Delete option via the drop-down arrow. Here, you will get four options where you can delete the activity as per your choice, you can click on last hour, one day ago or all time. When you select the All-Time option, you will see your old transaction history. If you want to delete it then click on the delete option given. Additionally, you can also delete certain transaction history by clicking on the custom option.