X Tech News: Audio-video call feature in Twitter(X), this option will be on in the app


Elon Musk wants to make Twitter, now known as X, 'the everything app'

(Image- from social media)

X Tech News: Elon Musk wants to make Twitter, now known as X, 'the everything app' Musk wants to provide facilities like entertainment, news, messaging, payment, etc. to the people through this app. He and his company have been working in this direction for a long time. To make this dream come true, Musk is adding new features to the app from time to time. Meanwhile, the company has released another new feature for Android users. Currently, this feature is not available for iOS users. It is expected that the company will soon make it live for these users.

This feature of WhatsApp-Instagram is now available

Musk's company is also available in X, this information has been shared on Twitter by a former engineer working on the project. Some Indian users have also posted about this on X. With the help of this feature, you can now connect with your loved ones or your followers through one-on-one video calls. Just as the video call feature works in WhatsApp-Instagram, this feature will also work in X. That means it is very easy to operate.

Only premium users can enjoy

Only X Premium users can avail of the new audio-video feature. Free users will not get this option. The company has already restricted many features for premium users. At the moment it is not known whether this feature will be available to all paying users or limited to Premium and Premium Plus users only.

To do this

To turn on the option of video and audio calls, you have to go to Settings, go to the Privacy and Safety option, and here click on Direct Message and turn on the option of audio and video calls. As soon as you do this, you will see this option in the chat.