Wireless Mic: Consumer tech brand IZI has launched the IZI X wireless microphone in the market!


Wireless Mic:  Consumer tech brand IZI has launched the IZI X wireless microphone in the market. The IZI HiTech HiTech HQ operates on 2.4 GHz dual channel. The IZI X offers a crystal-clear, interference-free audio experience. Its 360 omnidirectional audio capability captures audio from every angle, whether you're conducting an interview, recording a podcast, or giving a speech. The microphone's impressive 120-meter wireless transmission range frees users from cables. 


what is speciality 

IZI X With easy plug and play functionality, users are allowed to integrate the microphone into their setup without the hassle of complicated installation. IZI comes with a strong design and is extremely professional. It is also very easy to go out with and the design is stylish and extremely lightweight. This can prove to be a great option for video creators. If you also make videos and your mic does not capture audio well, then this can prove to be a perfect option.

Charging the IZI X wireless microphone is very easy and takes very little time. You will be surprised to know that it has a Type C charging port. With the Type C charging port, it can be fast charged and can be used to capture crystal clear voice continuously for hours. With the fast charge facility, it can be charged 75% in just 30 minutes. This microphone comes with an ultra noise cancellation system which reduces unwanted background noise. With this, making videos now becomes a lot of fun and your voice is now going to be captured well in the video, which will have bass but at the same time there will be strong clarity.