Will Gmail also be closed along with GPay? Know what is the truth behind the viral message!



Many people use Google Pay for online transactions and there has been news that its service will be discontinued in the United States after June 4. However, Google Pay will continue to work as usual in India. Amidst this, another viral claim suggests that just like Google Pay, Gmail is also being shut down across the world. If you have seen such a post on social media recently, it is natural to be worried. After all, while Google Pay is primarily for transactions, Gmail holds important emails and documents.

Why is the rumour of Gmail being closed viral?

The viral post claims that Google is shutting down GPay in the US to reduce losses and is also shutting down Gmail worldwide. However, Google has clarified on its official pages, "Gmail is here to stay". This clear statement ensures that Gmail is not shutting down, and its services will remain available. With over 180 million users globally, Gmail is one of the most popular email systems, and users don't have to worry about it being shut down.

Google's clarification on Gmail's closure

Google has given a clear clarification through its official pages assuring users that Gmail is not being shut down. The service will continue and users need not worry. The spread of misinformation has caused unnecessary trouble among users. It is essential to verify such claims and rely on authentic sources to avoid unnecessary panic.