While travelling on Google Maps, the app made the car jump into the river!


Trusting Google Maps blindly can be dangerous. This news is about two men from Kerala, which is a lesson for us. Like every day, in the silence of the morning, two men living in Kasargod, Kerala, went out for some important work. They were driving to a hospital in the neighboring state of Karnataka. They had Google Maps to help them on the way. But what was supposed to be an easy task took a dangerous turn. Due to a sudden flood, they got stuck in a fast-flowing river.


Google Maps took me to the river

According to news agency PTI, Abdul Rashid and his companions were following the route shown by Google Maps. Then they reached a narrow road. It was night time and only the headlights of their car were on. They saw some water ahead, but they did not know that they were coming close to a river whose bridge did not have side walls.

This is how life was saved

As they moved ahead, the situation became terrible. The water of the river flowing in a fast current suddenly swept away their car. Both the people sitting in the car got scared. But then, like a miracle, their car hit a tree on the river bank and stopped. If the car had not hit the tree, it would have probably drowned completely in the water. 

called the fire fighter

Realising the gravity of the situation, the two quickly opened the car door and got out. Abdul somehow managed to talk to the fire fighters and told them his exact location. The photos of his rescue from this deadly incident went viral on social media.

He said- it was like a second birth for us...

The firefighters immediately reached the spot. They had ropes and started the difficult task of pulling both of them out safely. The current of the river was very fast, but the courage and ability of the firefighters brought them success. Slowly but with utmost care, they pulled Abdul and his friend out of the river. Recalling this horrific incident, Abdul said, 'We never thought that we would be able to survive. This is really like a rebirth for us.'