When will the iPhone 16 series be released, what will be the price with AI features?


Apple has launched its iPhone 15 series about 7 months ago. Which has been liked a lot by the users. Apple has made many major changes in the iPhone 15 series with a USB Type C port. Now it is being claimed that iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro can be launched in the month of September this year, in which Apple will provide many such features which are not found in any iPhone series till now.

Actually, this time Apple can provide Artificial Intelligence features in the iPhone 16 series to compete with Samsung and Google Pixel. Apart from this, the iPhone 16 series may be slightly larger than the earlier iPhones. Also, the iPhone 16 can be given a titanium body like the iPhone 15. If you are also an Apple lover, then here we are telling you in detail about the possible features available in iPhone 16.

This is the exact date of the launch of the iPhone 16

Apple will launch iPhone 16 in the month of September. According to the information, Apple has been launching the iPhone for the last three times on Tuesday and Wednesday in the first two weeks of the month. Let us tell you that iPhone 15 was launched on 5 September 2023. iPhone 14 was launched on 7 September 2022 and iPhone 13 was launched on 14 September 2021. Whereas booking of iPhone is done every time from Friday of the week of launching and its sale starts from Friday of the next week.

The exact price of the iPhone 16

Every time Apple launches its new iPhone series at a higher price than the old series. Compared to the iPhone 14, the iPhone 15 series was 16 per cent more expensive. In such a situation, it is expected that the iPhone 16 series may be more expensive than the iPhone 15. Many claims are being made right now regarding the price of the iPhone 16, which cannot be fully believed until Apple launches the iPhone 16 series.

Design and display of iPhone 16

iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max can get bigger screens than before. Also, a Periscope camera can be provided in both these iPhones. Let us tell you that 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch displays can be found in the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max. Also, thinner bezels can be given in the upcoming iPhone.

Specifications of iPhone 16

Apple can provide AI support in the iPhone 16 series for the first time. For this, the company has joined hands with Microsoft. Apart from this, the A18 Pro chip can be given in iPhone 16. Apart from this, you can also see many big changes in iPhone 16 which will be revealed in leaks in the coming days.

There will be a change in the battery size of the iPhone 16!

The latest leaks have indicated that the company may increase the battery size of the iPhone 16 series this year. In simple language, this means that this year you will get a battery with higher capacity which will support you for a longer time than before. At the same time, one thing to be noted here is that all the models launched in the iPhone 16 series will not have a big battery. There will also be a model in which customers will have to make do with a smaller battery.