Whatsapp will soon bring a double-tap action feature, know how it will work!


PC: Twitter

In good news for WhatsApp users, the popular messaging application owned by Meta is reportedly working on the ability to react to messages using the double-tap action. This new feature will be available in future updates.

WhatsApp tracking website WABetaInfo reported “After installing the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update available on the TestFlight app, we discovered a new feature on how we react to messages. The feature is already available on the Instagram app and we can now confirm that a future update to WhatsApp plans to roll out the double-tap action for reactions."



In the dnaindia.com video demo, instead of manually opening a menu to select a response, WABetaInfo reported that a double tap on a message bubble automatically sends a response. Currently, the thumbs-up emoji is the default reaction, and there appears to be no option to choose a different emoji.

The thumbs-up emoji, along with the heart emoji, has long been popular for expressing reactions on various messaging apps and social media platforms.


PC: Times of India

Using the double-tap action, users can quickly send default reactions without the need for additional steps such as opening the reaction menu.

The report suggests that this alternative method of sending responses certainly helps users save time, making it more convenient for users to react to a message immediately.