WhatsApp Update: Run 2 accounts in the same app, the new update has arrived, this is the method!



If you are waiting for the multi-account feature in the world's largest instant messaging app WhatsApp, then here is good news for you. WhatsApp has now started rolling out the update for multi-account.

Although WhatsApp's multi-account feature was announced in October last year, the update is being rolled out slowly. It is initially introduced for Android devices, and will soon be available for iOS as well.

How to use two WhatsApp accounts in the same app:

If you want to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same app, the process is straightforward:

First of all, update your WhatsApp app.

Go to WhatsApp Settings.

In the upper right corner, next to your profile photo, you will find a drop-down menu icon.

Click on it, and below your name and number, you will see the option to "Add Account".

By clicking on Add Account, register with the new number in the same way as you have registered the previous number.

This feature of WhatsApp is similar to the functionality present in other platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, which allows users to log in to multiple accounts and switch between them as needed.