WhatsApp Update: Is your data really safe? WhatsApp chief responds to Elon Musk's claim.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk had made a serious allegation on WhatsApp, saying that it exports the data of its users every night. After Musk's allegation, WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart has responded to it.

WhatsApp Chief Will Cathcart Reply on Elon Musk Data Leak User Security Policy

WhatsApp responded to Elon Musk's claim (Image Source: Pixabay)

WhatsApp Chief Will Cathcart Respond to Elon Musk: WhatsApp Chief Will Cathcart on Tuesday refuted Elon Musk's claim of sharing users' data, saying that this information is wrong. Last week, Musk wrote in a post on social media X that WhatsApp exports the data of its users every night, but people still think that it is a completely safe platform.

This claim has been completely denied by the WhatsApp chief. He criticized Musk and said that his claim was completely wrong. Cathcart said, "Many people have said this before, but I want to tell you all again that this information is not correct. We prioritize the security of users and that is why we encrypt all messages end-to-end. All those messages do not come to us every night."

Users gave this answer

Cathcart further advised the users that if they want to back up their messages, they can use the services of their cloud provider. In this too you will get end-to-end encryption. Cathcart's post was answered by many social media users. One user wrote that Musk has not said anything about the message, he was only talking about the data. The user wrote, "Musk had said about the users' data. He has not commented on the message."

Other users said, "The post was about Meta exporting data. Meta collects information like a telecom service provider and Will is talking about content. This statement seems to be without any direction and this is the way Meta works." Another user wrote, "You are misleading. This is about user data which includes metadata, not messages."