WhatsApp Upcoming Features: A new privacy feature will soon be added to WhatsApp, you will be able to turn off link preview


WhatsApp is about to bring a new feature for iPhone users. Its name is the Link Preview Disable feature. This feature has been released to beta users for testing. This information has been received from a report by WAbetainfo.

Story Highlights

  • The new feature is coming in WhatsApp
  • With its help, the preview of the link on the platform can be turned off.
  • This feature is currently being tested

WhatsApp has been continuously working on new features for its users for the last several months. One of these is the link preview disable feature. With its arrival, users will be able to turn off the preview of any link on the platform. Its support will be released with future updates. Read the news below to know more about this upcoming feature.

WhatsApp Link Preview Disable

According to a report by WAbetainfo, the WhatsApp iOS beta update available on the Apple App Store has revealed that the company is currently working on the link preview disable feature. With the arrival of this feature, users will be able to turn off the link preview. This will maintain the privacy of the users.

A screenshot related to the feature surfaced

WhatsApp feature tracking website WebitaInfo has attached a screenshot in its report, which shows that the Disable Link Preview feature is present below Protect IP Address in Calls in the Advanced section. There is a toggle next to it, once you turn it on, this function will stop. To turn on this feature the toggle has to be turned off.

For your information, let us tell you that whenever you enter any link to share on WhatsApp, the platform automatically prepares and shows the image, title, description, and thumbnail in the form of a preview. After the arrival of the new option, it can be hidden.

When will the new feature be released?

WhatsApp's link preview feature has just been rolled out for beta users. It is being speculated that this feature will soon be released for Android and iPhone users around the world.