Whatsapp Tricks: These great tricks will double the fun of using WhatsApp, know here...


In the era of social media and smartphones, nowadays everyone uses WhatsApp for messaging and chatting. New features are constantly being released on the instant messaging app WhatsApp to improve the convenience and user interface of users. Recently WhatsApp also released an amazing feature online status hide facility. Also, many more great features can be released soon. If you also want to know about these features and tricks of WhatsApp, then this report is for you. In this report, we are going to tell you three amazing useful tricks of WhatsApp, which will double your WhatsApp fun. Let's know.


Send photos in high quality like this
Under the new features, users have been given a separate dedicated photo upload quality section in WhatsApp settings. With its help, you can send photos of high quality. To send high-quality photos, you have to go to Settings from the iButton. From here you have to tap on the option with Storage and Data, then at the bottom, you will get a new media upload quality option. After clicking on it, you get three best quality, auto, and data saver options. You can select the option at your convenience. Keep in mind that photos can be sent in the best quality in the best quality option.

Online status hide
WhatsApp has also released the facility to hide online status. This feature was released under the new privacy feature. In this feature, you can hide your online status as per your wish, after which your online status will not be visible to your contacts. That is, you can hide your online status as per your wish. This feature can be used on both iOS and Android platforms. To hide your online status, you have to go to Settings.

Now from here in the privacy option, you will see the last seen and online option at the top. In this feature, the user is given two options for privacy, in one option you can show your online status to all contacts, while in the other option, your online status will be hidden for all contacts.

With the help of these features, you will be able to decide for yourself who will see your online status, that is, you can randomly make your online status different for different people. These features work like the status feature of WhatsApp, in which the user gets the option of Who Can See.


Chat on WhatsApp without saving a number
This is an issue that a lot of users face. Many people don't want to save their number on WhatsApp and want to chat for some work. Don't worry, after reading this report your worry will end and you will be able to chat without saving any phone number. For this, you have to type the number you want to chat with and copy-paste it.

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