WhatsApp News: Now while chatting you will know whether the chat is safe or not, the new update will be released soon!


pc: amarujala

WhatsApp is taking its encryption to the next level with a new feature. Despite Meta's claims that WhatsApp cannot be hacked, and its messages cannot be read due to end-to-end encryption, there have been instances where Meta's claims were proven otherwise.

Now WhatsApp is introducing a new update. Previously, a notification about encryption would appear when starting a chat for the first time, indicating that your chat is fully encrypted, meaning even WhatsApp cannot access it.

After the new update, you will be able to see whether your conversation is encrypted or not, along with the contact's name during the chat. This information is given by WABetaInfo, a reliable source that tracks WhatsApp features. The new feature can be seen in Android version of WhatsApp. A screenshot shows the encryption lock icon displayed during a chat. This lock will be visible only where the last seen of a contact is visible.

It's important to remember that privacy concerns with WhatsApp have been a point of contention since 2021. The controversy started when Meta released a new privacy policy for WhatsApp. This privacy policy created a lot of controversy, leading to the emergence of alternative apps like Telegram and Signal. However, the popularity of WhatsApp is much higher than any other multimedia messaging app.