WhatsApp New Feature: Who is talking to you on WhatsApp, will be known by this feature


We all use WhatsApp. This app has given a new look to instant messaging. This is a big reason, due to which it is used on a large scale all over the world. To make the user experience better, WhatsApp keeps on bringing great features and updates from time to time. In this episode, WhatsApp has prepared a very special feature. Who is talking about you on WhatsApp with the help of this feature? You will know about that topic immediately. For this reason, this new feature of WhatsApp is being discussed a lot all over the world. Everyone is very curious to know what others are talking about him? In such a situation, with the help of this feature of WhatsApp, you will know about it immediately. In this episode, let's know about it in detail 


With the help of this feature, whenever there is any mention of your topic in any group or you will be mentioned. At that time WhatsApp will notify you through a notification. In the notification, there will be information about who has mentioned you in the group chat?


Apart from this, you will also be shown the profile photo of the concerned person in the notification. It is worth noting that this special feature is currently available only for the iOS beta toaster. Other users cannot use it now.

This feature of WhatsApp is currently going through the process of testing. It is expected that soon it will be rolled out to all. Let us tell you that at present, whenever your mention is in a group, then only text alert is available for it.