WhatsApp New Feature: Now you will know instantly on WhatsApp who was online recently, this upcoming feature is very useful.


WhatsApp's new feature will allow you to see which contacts were online recently.

Meta is constantly updating WhatsApp features to improve the user experience and enhance security.

Reportedly, many WhatsApp beta users have started seeing this new tab.

WhatsApp Recent Online Contacts Feature: Meta's popular messaging app WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature where it will allow its users to see which contacts were online recently through the Contacts page. This new feature, which was first seen in beta testing, aims to give users information about who is currently active or was recently online by highlighting contacts.

WhatsApp to introduce the Recent Online Contacts tab


Meta is constantly updating WhatsApp features to improve the user experience and enhance security. This latest addition is expected to give users a faster way to connect with friends, family, and colleagues who are currently available for instant chat. This new ‘Recent Online Contacts’ tab was first spotted by WABetaInfo, a platform that tracks upcoming features and changes for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Recent Online Contacts Feature

Many WhatsApp beta users have also reportedly started seeing this new tab, which allows them to view recent online contacts from their contact list. Although this feature does not show a complete list of your contacts, it is quite useful for those users who want to know the current status of any particular person in order to call or message them.



WABetaInfo also noticed that when you go to your contacts list to add people to a call, you'll still see some recent online contacts with whom you haven't yet communicated. The report claims that this is not a big list and it respects the privacy settings of the user regarding his online status.

WhatsApp New Feature

The recent introduction of the Online Contacts tab reflects WhatsApp's efforts to streamline its app and continuously update it with useful features. WhatsApp is making it even easier to check the availability of any contact on your device by prompting users to connect with recently active contacts.