WhatsApp Launches Desktop App, Check Updates Download This Way


WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp Beta for Windows desktop app. The Meta-owned messaging platform has been working on developing a standalone PC app for some time now. WhatsApp has now finally released the beta version of its PC app. WhatsApp Beta is now available for download from the Windows App Store.


According to Microsoft, "Take WhatsApp beta and you'll be one of the first to try out updated features and share feedback about the new app. As always, your messages and calls are protected with end-to-end encryption." No one outside your chats, not even WhatsApp can read or hear them.


According to the WhatsApp Tracker website, WhatsApp's new Windows app has a multi-device feature. Your phone doesn't have to be online for the PC app to work.

WhatsApp beta based on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) will send notifications even when the app is not opened. The app also comes with a new writing pad feature. It will support multi-device functionality. Some features will be available in due course as the app is currently in the beta stage.

How to Install WhatsApp Beta for Windows App

Search the app on Microsoft's Windows App Store.

Click Get. The app will start installing.

Once installed, launch the app.

Link your WhatsApp account by going to "Linked devices". Scan the QR code to link.

Once synced, you can start using the WhatsApp desktop app.