WhatsApp: It takes the biggest action in India, closes 71 lakh accounts at once!


WhatsApp Banned:  To prevent misuse of WhatsApp and to keep the platform credible, the company has completely banned about 71 lakh Indian accounts between April 1 and April 30. The instant messaging platform owned by Meta has taken this step for the safe use of users. Let us tell you that the company takes such action almost every year and bans unnecessary accounts. 


Information revealed from the report 

WhatsApp's India monthly report for April 2024 shows that a total of 7,182,000 accounts were banned during the month. Of these, 1,302,000 accounts were banned proactively even before any user was reported. The initiative to ban accounts is part of WhatsApp's compliance with the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021. These rules require digital platforms to publish compliance reports detailing actions taken in response to user complaints and violations of law. The latest June 2024 report reflects WhatsApp's strict action against abusive behavior using both user complaints and in-house detection systems. 

In April 2024, WhatsApp received 10,554 user reports on various issues including account support, ban appeals, product support, and safety concerns. Despite such a high volume of reports, only six accounts were actioned based on these complaints. This reflects the stringent criteria followed by WhatsApp before taking action against reported accounts.