WhatsApp is bringing a powerful feature, now you can tag anyone in your status!


pc: abplive

Great features are coming one after the other on WhatsApp. Once again, WhatsApp is preparing to introduce its new feature, which is related to status updates, which is much awaited by the users. According to reports, in this feature, the company will now inform users about any unseen update of any contact.

As always, WABetainfo has shared information about this feature along with screenshots. This update is seen in version of WhatsApp beta for Android, which is available on Google Play Store. The screenshot clearly shows that users will receive notifications for unseen updates of any contact. This feature is gaining a lot of buzz and it is believed that it is a part of WhatsApp status tags.

A new feature may be associated with this status update

Earlier, information was given about a new feature, in which it was said that WhatsApp users will soon be able to tag contacts in their stories or status updates. For example, if you're posting a status with someone, you can also tag that person in your status. This feature will work exactly the same way as it works on Instagram and Facebook. Whoever you tag in your status will also get a notification.

Customization option can be found in the feature

It is believed that the new status update notification feature will notify users when they are tagged in a status update. For status update notifications, the company can also provide customization, allowing users to select the contacts whose status update notifications they want to receive.