WhatsApp iPhone Update: Know New features of WhatsApp!


WhatsApp iPhone Update:  WhatsApp has released a new update for its iPhone users. This update includes many new features, some of which are very special. Let us tell you about these features in detail. 


WhatsApp New Update:  WhatsApp is an instant messaging app, which is used by millions of people around the world. This platform is quite popular among the people. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it has users in every country. WhatsApp keeps bringing new updates for its users from time to time which are very useful for them. Now WhatsApp has released a new update for its iPhone users. This update includes many new features, some of which are very special. Let us tell you about these features in detail. 

New features of WhatsApp 

Meta has rolled out a new update of WhatsApp for its iPhone users. The latest version of WhatsApp (24.9.74) allows iPhone users to share the screen during video calling. With its help, users can share the screen with their friends and family on video calls. Also, iPhone users will get the facility to share audio on video calls. Users can share not only the screen but also the audio during video calls. This feature was available on Android smartphones. Now iOS users will also be able to take advantage of this. Before the arrival of this update, when users used to share the screen on video calls, they had trouble hearing the audio. This has been fixed in this new update. 

New color theme 

With this latest update, a new color theme for WhatsApp has also been introduced. The color of WhatsApp has now become green not only in dark mode but also in light mode. Additionally, notification icons have also become green. Let us tell you that these features are not available to all users yet, but will soon be available on everyone's phones. 

Apart from this, WhatsApp has also recently introduced many more new features, such as photo-creating artificial intelligence and chatbots. It is worth noting that at present these features are available only for some selected users. Along with this, WhatsApp has also introduced new features for community users. Users who create a community can now send invitations to events or parties in the group and can also see responses. This feature is currently in beta version. Currently, the interface of WhatsApp looks different on every phone. However, the company is gradually trying to bring a similar interface everywhere.