WhatsApp Frauds: You should also be careful of these 3 frauds, otherwise cyber hackers will empty your bank account!


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WhatsApp, a widely used messaging app around the world, has always been a favourite target of hackers. The main reason for this is that WhatsApp has millions of active users every day. Given the huge number of users on WhatsApp, hackers consider it an ideal platform for scams. It is essential to understand the various methods through which hackers ensnare individuals. After knowing about these methods, it is important to remain alert to avoid WhatsApp fraud. Let's find out what mistakes should be avoided on WhatsApp to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

1. Loot by posing as close ones:

Hackers send messages from unknown numbers claiming to be your friends or family members. They often request money as an emergency, citing an emergency. Some clever scammers also use deepfake audio and video tricks. Before sending money, verify the identity of the person claiming to be in need.

2. Looting in the name of the lottery:

Fraudsters may lure you by claiming that you have won the lottery. They will ask you for your banking details to transfer the said prize money. Be cautious and avoid sharing any personal or financial information with unknown persons on WhatsApp.

3. Fraud in the name of job offer:

Scammers lure victims by promising high-paying jobs to empty their bank accounts. If you get a job offer on WhatsApp, be careful, as legitimate companies usually do not send job offers through this platform. Avoid clicking on any unknown links and avoid sharing financial information.