WhatsApp Chat Lock: Keep even locked chats secret, this is the way to hide them!



WhatsApp has introduced many great features to ensure user privacy and safety. Earlier, users were often worried that someone else could read their private chats, which created a constant fear. To address this concern, WhatsApp introduced the chat lock feature some time ago.

We are discussing the WhatsApp Chat Lock feature, which allows users to lock their chats for added security. But do you know that you can keep your locked chat even more secret?

WhatsApp Chat Lock: How to lock chat

If you want to lock personal chats on WhatsApp, you have to follow some easy steps. The first step is to open a chat with the contact you want to secure your chat with.

Once the chat is open, tap the three dots in the top right, then click View Contact. After tapping on View Contact, scroll down a bit and you will see the Chat Lock option. Click on this option.

As soon as you click on the chat lock option, you will see the Continue option. After clicking this option you can lock the chat using face lock or fingerprint lock.

Click on the sensor to use the fingerprint sensor to lock the chat. Doing this will lock your chat and you'll find it in the Locked Chats section of your chat list. Locked chats will open only when you use the fingerprint sensor or face unlock feature again.


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How to hide locked chat?

Even though the chat is locked, if you want to hide the locked chat section that appears at the top of the chat list, you'll need to open the locked chat once. As soon as you open the locked chat, click on the three dots on the top right.

After clicking on the three dots, you will get the option of chat lock settings. Click on this option.

On clicking the Chat Lock Settings option, you will see two options. The first option is Hide Locked Chats and the second option is Secret Code.

To hide a locked chat, you have to use both options. Turn on the Hide Locked Chats option and then click on the Secret Code option.


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Use Whatsapp Secret Code Feature like this

After tapping on Secret Code, the app will ask you to create a secret code. After creating a secret code and turning on the Hide Locked Chats option, your locked chats will not be visible in the chat list. This means that your locked chat will also disappear secretly.

How will you be able to find chat?

If you have secretly locked chats and want to find them later, open the app and type your secret code in the search. You will see your locked chats.