WhatsApp brings a very important privacy feature, now no one will be able to take screenshots of DP!


pc: WhatsApp

WhatsApp constantly keeps introducing new features to its app to keep its users engaged and maintain the popularity of this widely used application. One of the main reasons for the immense popularity of WhatsApp around the world is the many privacy features it provides to its users.

WhatsApp takes user privacy seriously and constantly introduces new features to strengthen and enhance it. WhatsApp has planned to introduce another new feature in its app to enhance user privacy, which will block the ability of users to take screenshots of their profile pictures.

A new feature of WhatsApp:

This means that no user will be able to take a screenshot of your WhatsApp display picture. WhatsApp released the beta version of this feature last month, but now the company has started rolling out this new feature gradually for all users.


pc: The Economic Times

According to the report of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has been testing this feature since February, but now the company has started updating it for all users' phones. It's important to note that these are server-side updates, and they are being gradually released to users around the world.

Blocking Screenshots:

Due to the new update of WhatsApp, users will not be able to take screenshots of any user's profile picture. Now, if users try to take a screenshot of a friend's profile photo, a black screen screenshot will be saved to their phone. During testing of this feature, when a user tried to take a screenshot of the profile photo, they received a warning that they could not take a screenshot due to app restrictions. This feature will be activated by default, and there will be no way to disable it. However, in the stable version of this feature, no warning is displayed; Instead, a black image is saved when attempting to take a screenshot.

Previously, WhatsApp allowed users to save users profile photos to their contacts, which was a serious privacy violation. Meta-owned WhatsApp took this into consideration and turned off the option to save profile photos, but users could still take screenshots of profile photos, which was undermining WhatsApp's privacy practices. Now with this new feature, the purpose of WhatsApp will be fulfilled.