WhatsApp- Blue ring showing in Instagram chat box? This is how you will benefit from it.


If you are also seeing a blue ring icon showing on your Instagram and WhatsApp, then this information is for you. You will also have many questions in your mind about this ring, to know the answers to them, read full details about it here. After all, why is this ring icon given, and what is its benefit?

The blue icon on WhatsApp and Instagram is nothing but an Artificial Intelligence Service. This AI facility has been given for the convenience of the users. Meta works on some updates every day for the convenience of its users, if they pass the testing then it starts them for the users. This ring icon has been given for your convenience only. But how to use it and what will be the benefit of it, read below.

Meta AI icon?

As mentioned above, this blue ring icon is an Artificial Intelligence service, so you can do a lot with it. Through this, you can solve many of your problems. On this you can get the answer to any question, not only this, you can also generate photos on it.

Meta Ai Ring On Instagram And WhatsApp

In this, you can generate the photo as you want. For this, you just have to write the prompt in the chatbox and send it. AI will read your prompt and generate that image for you. If Meta AI is unable to understand that image, then it sends you a message that it cannot generate this photo.

How to use

For this, you just have to click on this ring icon. After this, you have to allow it, now the chat will open in front of you like a normal chat box. Here you can write the question you want to ask and you can also write the prompt of the photo you want to generate. On this, you have to write your prompt in fewer words so that AI can read and you get the photo you want to make.

This will be the benefit.

On this you can also ask for the recipe of the dish you want to make, it writes many easy recipes and sends them to you, you can pick according to your choice. After this feature, you will not have to take the help of any separate AI platform. This will also save your subscription costs. You can generate photos and know the answers to your questions on Instagram and WhatsApp itself.

If you have not received this update yet, then update your app. If it does not show even after this, then wait for a few days, soon you will also be able to use this service.