Whatsapp Alert: Do not click on these seven types of messages even by mistake, you will get into big trouble!


WhatsApp has become the biggest den of fraud for cyber thugs. Every day these thugs are cheating people by sending messages on WhatsApp. In such a situation, you need to be very cautious. Recently, McAfee has said in one of its reports that Indian users receive at least 12 scam e-mails every day through social media and e-mail. It has been said in the report that seven types of such messages come on WhatsApp, clicking on which can be very dangerous. Let us know about them...

Message of winning a prize:

If you receive a message about winning a prize on Whatsapp, then do not click on the link accompanying such message nor call the number given along with it. Such messages are scams.


Job Offer:

If you get any message regarding a job then there is every possibility of it being fake. No professional company messages anyone like this. Stay away from it.

Banking Alert:

Messages regarding banking alerts also keep coming on WhatsApp every day. There is also a link with them and through this link, scammers make people victims. Do not make the mistake of clicking on such links.

Update of unpurchased items:

If you have not purchased any item from any site and yet you receive any message regarding order delivery or related to it, then block the sender of such messages and report it.

Updates of OTT like Netflix:

Cyber ​​​​thugs keep sending updated messages to people regarding subscriptions to apps like OTT. Usually, the message claims that free subscription to apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime is available, which is fake.


Fake Delivery:

Many times SMS and WhatsApp messages come regarding fake delivery. These involve the delivery of products that you have not ordered. Stay away from such messages.

Amazon Security Alert:

Every day thousands of people receive the message of Amazon Security Alert on their phones, which is a trap to trap people. Amazon or any company does not send you WhatsApp messages for such alerts.