What will be the harm if you do not activate Airplane Mode during flight? Know here!



There are many modes in the smartphone, like silent mode and aeroplane mode etc. However, many users are not well aware of the silent mode and activate it only when needed. Many users do not have enough knowledge about Airplane Mode. As a result, during flights, mobile users often do not activate aeroplane mode.

If you are not familiar with Airplane Mode, it is essential to read this article thoroughly. Here, we will provide you with detailed information on how to use Airplane Mode and the benefits it provides. After understanding its usage, you can activate Airplane Mode during flight, and avoid possible damage to the flight.

What is aeroplane mode?

Before using Airplane Mode, it's important to understand what it is. Airplane Mode is designed to reset the phone without turning it off. When activated, it disables the phone's network, stopping both outgoing and incoming calls. Although Airplane Mode is widely used during flights, it serves many other purposes as well.


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What happens if aeroplane mode is not active during the flight?

If you fail to activate aeroplane mode during a flight, it can lead to complications. Although it does not necessarily cause aircraft accidents, it can create difficulties for pilots flying. Keeping a mobile connection on during flight can interfere with the aircraft's communications system, making it challenging for pilots to receive clear instructions.

Pilots always maintain contact with radar and control room during flight. However, if the phones remain on, it may disrupt their connection and cause communication problems. For example, if many passengers have their phones on, this can significantly hinder the pilots' ability to communicate. Therefore, whenever you travel by flight, it is advisable to keep your phone in aeroplane mode.