What is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant, know here


Nowadays most Smartphones come with the feature of water resistance repellant and waterproof. Although most users do not know the difference between them. So today we are going to explain to you the difference between water resistance repellant and waterproof here in detail.

In this era of technology, mobiles have become so smart that even water cannot harm them. Because these phones come with a special coating and certification, which make them water-resistant, repellent, and waterproof. However, most users do not understand the difference between water resistance, repellant, and waterproof and end up harming themselves. So today we will tell you in detail about the difference between water resistance, repellant, and waterproof in this news. Let's know...

Meaning of water-resistant

Water-resistant does not mean waterproof. Due to the presence of water resistance, water does not enter the phone easily. Even if a few droplets of water get inside the smartphone, it does not cause any damage to the device in the slightest. However, even if the phone is submerged in water, it damages the device.

Meaning of water repellent

If your smartphone is water repellent, it means that your device has a thin coating on the inside and outside, which prevents water from entering. Most smartphone companies prepare this coating through hydrophobic. Experts believe that water-repellent smartphones are much better and safer than ordinary phones.

Meaning of waterproof

Most smartphones nowadays come with waterproof certification. This means that the device remains safe even after falling into the water. Its beauty is that you can click photos even underwater from your device. This does not mean that the device will work even if the phone is submerged in water, in which case the phone will get damaged. For your information, let us tell you that the waterproof phone works in water only for a few meters.