What effect do Bluetooth Speakers have on pets?


Bluetooth Speakers:  Bluetooth speakers are used in every household these days, they are used for everything from entertainment to education. However, they can prove to be harmful to your pets. We are not saying this ourselves but this has been proved in recent research. Bluetooth speakers can hurt your pets.


hurts pets 

Humans and pets (cats and dogs) hear audio frequencies in different ranges. While we can hear audio frequencies in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, pets, especially cats, can hear up to 65 kHz, while dogs can hear up to 45 kHz, reports Fear Free Happy Homes. This simply means that our pets can hear sounds that we cannot. 

A Bluetooth speaker emits a passive tone at an ultra-high frequency of over 23,000 Hz, which humans cannot hear but both cats and dogs can hear it. This passive tone can cause anxiety, disrupt their sleep patterns, and potentially damage their hearing.

Experts say that constant exposure to these high-frequencies can cause behavioral changes and health problems in pets. In such a situation, they can face problems ranging from scratching and restlessness to anxiety, aggression, and even permanent hearing loss. It can be even more serious than this. 

The report also suggests that some of these problems can be minimized by following certain precautions, including keeping the speaker away from the pet's sleeping area or favorite spot, minimizing the use of Bluetooth speakers and turning them off completely when not in use, adjusting the frequency of Bluetooth speakers if possible and looking for signs of these in pets to minimize exposure to Bluetooth idle tones.