Watch Updates: Know WatchOut WearPods Review!

WatchOut WearPods:  You must have used smartwatches, but you can also enjoy music in this smartwatch because something has been offered in its design which the users will like a lot. 


WatchOut WearPods:  Recently 2-in-1 smartwatch WearPods has been introduced in the market by WatchOut Wearables. This is a smartwatch in which earbuds are also offered. Its design is such that the earbuds fit. It is slightly larger than a normal smartwatch and that is why it also has space to keep earbuds. We have used this smartwatch and now we have been able to reach some conclusions. Today we have brought its detailed review for you so that you can understand how it is going to be for you. Its price is Rs 5,999 and it is available in three color options – Military Green, Orange Army, and Black Commando. 


Its design is very special. This is a small smartwatch in size, on the right-hand side of which you get a cavity for earbuds. These are True Wireless (TWS) earbuds that offer you a great experience. This concept is better for people who travel. They do not need to carry two devices. Although the smartwatch is a bit heavy. In such a situation, carrying it on normal days may seem a bit awkward. This can prove to be a perfect option for students. A display tempered glass is also available with it. Overall the design is good, just a little heavy. 


Features and Specifications 

In the smartwatch, you get a 1.93-inch always-on HD display whose resolution is 240 x 296 pixels. It has a 400mAh battery. A 35mAh battery is available in the earbuds. Which can be used for 10 hours. Standby time of the smartwatch is 25 days. You get a USB charger with the watch.


This 2-in-1 device proves to be excellent in terms of experience. Its large display and intense smoothness offer you a next-level experience. The battery life of this smartwatch is good, due to which you do not need to charge it for weeks. Overall, we liked the smartwatch a lot in terms of performance.

This smartwatch has heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar tracking sensors. More than 100 sports modes have been provided in the smartwatch. It takes about 45 to 50 minutes for its battery to be fully charged. Talking about the experience of the earbuds fitted in it, its audio quality is average. If you listen to songs with more bass in these buds, you will not get a good experience. However, the earbuds can provide up to 10 hours of battery backup. You may like to use it, especially during travel.

Our decision

We have used the smartwatch, and we found that it can prove to be a good option for Gen G Le. Its features are similar to normal smartwatches. And we also found its price a bit high. The battery backup of the watch is good but the features are common. If you have a budget of Rs 5000 then you can try many other options also.