USB LED Light: The trend of USB lighting is increasing rapidly in the market!


USB LED Light:  The trend of USB lighting is increasing rapidly in the market. It is quite economical to buy them, at the same time they are small in size and emit dazzling light. If you are looking for such lights for your home, then today we are going to tell you about these lights which are available for less than Rs 15 and can be purchased from Amazon. 


Which light is this 

The name of the lighting we are talking about is QOCXRRIN M-845 Mini USB Bulb Plug-in LED Night Light Mini USB LED Light Flexible USB LED Ambient Light Mini. To buy it you have to go to Amazon. Talking about its size, it is 10 depth x 10 width x 10 height millimeters. Talking about the weight, it is 6.4 grams. In such a situation, you can use them by keeping them anywhere.

This lighting is splashproof, so if a little water falls into it, it does not get damaged and works for a long time. You can use this lighting with an adapter which is used while charging a phone or laptop. If there is no electricity in your house, then you can also use this lighting with a power bank and it throws very bright light.

how much is the price 

If we talk about its price, then this lighting comes in a set of 8 and the price of each light is less than ₹ 15. You have to pay only ₹ 99 to buy these 8 lights, so it does not weigh heavy on your pocket and you can use them at different places in your entire house.