UPI Scam: If someone accidentally sent money on the phone, don't be happy, you may be cheated!



People all over the world are troubled by online scams and scammers are constantly finding new ways to cheat people. If someone accidentally sends money to your bank account, there is no need to be happy, because scammers are using this as a new tactic. Although we may be happy to see unexpected funds in our bank accounts, that is when scammers start their real game.

After sending money, scammers start demanding their funds back, trap individuals through manipulative conversations and ultimately steal banking information and OTP. Unknowingly sharing banking details becomes a risk which scammers take advantage of to easily rob people.

Scammers create elaborate schemes that unwittingly trap people, where they share sensitive information like banking details and OTPs. The mistake of inadvertently providing banking details has serious consequences, as scammers easily take advantage of people's trust and loot their money.


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These scammers lay the trap in such a way that even unwilling persons get trapped in their trap by sharing important information like banking details and OTP. The malware is also used to steal UPI logins, payment details and other sensitive information.

In such situations, people are advised not to click on any unfamiliar links shared by unknown persons. Clicking on such links can introduce viruses to the phone, potentially leading to theft of banking information and emptying of accounts.


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Ways to avoid UPI scams:

  • Do not share UPI PIN, OTP or password with anyone even by mistake.
  • Before clicking any link or providing information on the website, check whether the URL is authentic or not.
  • Keep the UPI app updated and use a strong password for the app.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi for UPI transactions.