UPI Refund: Money transferred to someone else's account by mistake? This way you can get it back


Many times, while making a hasty payment by mistake, the payment goes to the wrong or different account, due to which we feel uneasy. In such a situation, to solve your problem, we will tell you about a process by which you can get your money back. For this follow the following steps:

Customer Care:

You can connect with customer care immediately.
The bank will ask you for some details like the date, time of transaction, account number, etc.
Provide these details to the bank.
After this, the bank employee will assist you and try to solve your problem.

Complaint about mistakenly transferred money:

Visit the NPCI website and click on the “Get in Touch” option.
Select the option of UPI Compliant and click on Transaction.
Select the option "Incorrectly transferred to another account" in the complaint section.
Fill in the required details like UPI Transaction ID, Bank Name, Virtual Payment Address, Transaction Amount, Date of Transaction, Email ID, Mobile Number, etc.
Upload a screenshot of your bank details.
Check all the details carefully and then click on the submit option.
NPCI will investigate your complaint and respond to you within a few days.

Banking Ombudsman:
You can go to your bank and visit there.
If no response is received even after the above procedures, you can mail the Banking Ombudsman.
Write your complaint on plain paper and send it to the Banking Ombudsman.
It can also be sent online or through email.
Thus, the Banking Ombudsman will investigate your complaint and take appropriate action.

If your complaint remains pending, it is advised that you apply at the appropriate place at the appropriate time with the correct details so that your problem can be resolved quickly.