UPI Payment Scam: Keep these things in mind, and you will not become a victim of fraud, click to know!



Increasing technology has given people the opportunity to move forward continuously and with it, there has also been a change in payment in India. As we all can see UPI payment has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. However, the risk of becoming a victim of scams and fraud is also increasing.

People in India mainly use PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm, or any other UPI-enabled app. In such a situation, to avoid scams, you will have to keep some tips in mind, about which we are going to tell you.

Checking payment details:

Always check the receiver's information carefully, such as phone number, bank account and UPI ID, before making a payment. There may be a risk of losing money if wrong details are entered.

Prevent phishing:

Do not share your UPI credentials, OTP, and personal information with anyone. Scammers may try to steal your money through phishing, so be cautious.

Take care of security:

Use security methods like PIN, pattern, fingerprint, or face unlock in UPI apps. With this, scammers can be avoided.

App lock and biometric usage:

Use security features like app lock and biometric authentication to prevent any unauthorized users from accessing your apps.

Take care of application updates:

Always keep all the applications you use updated. This may improve your security through new security updates.

Security of OTP and PIN:

Never share your OTP or UPI PIN with anyone, no matter how trusted. This information is never asked by the application or anyone.

Use a secure network:

Whenever possible, use a secure network for access and use updated antivirus software.