Twitter: Now brands will lose their gold tick if they do not spend Rs 81,000 a month on advertisements!


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More than two months ago, Elon Musk said most of his advertisers were back on Twitter and that he had 'addressed all concerns'. He also hired Linda Yacarino, who has a reputation for being the top advertising executive in the market, as Twitter's new CEO. It is no secret that Twitter's advertising business took a hit under Musk's reign and he is working hard to revive the business and according to recent reports, Musk brands spend at least US$1,000 per month on Twitter ads. They can plan to force them to do so, or they will risk losing their gold verification badge.

Elon Musk is forcing brands to spend on Twitter ads

According to a Business Insider report originally attributed to The Wall Street Journal, Musk's platform will remove their golden checkmarks from businesses starting August 7 if they don't spend at least USD 1,000 (roughly Rs. 81,000) on ads in 60 days, or USD 6,000 (roughly Rs. 4.9 lahks) in 180 days.

In addition, Twitter (now called X), will reportedly offer discounts of up to 50 percent on certain ads.

Businesses already have to pay a monthly fee of US$1,000 to keep their gold verification badge on Twitter. The new Twitter verification plans for businesses were introduced by the company in January this year through a blog post.

Recent changes on Twitter

Earlier this week, Twitter was rebranded to X in a bid to create Musk's 'everything app' that lets users do much more than just share their thoughts with the world. The rebranding happened unexpectedly and we all saw the company's iconic blue bird logo replaced by the future X. In a letter to employees, Twitter CEO Linda Yacarino told them not to take the X rebranding lightly.

In addition, the domain now redirects users to Twitter and the company's official handle on the platform is also called X.