TV: TV can explode like a bomb, you will be surprised if you know the reason!


Smart TV Blast:  In the last two to three years, many such cases have come to light across the country in which Smart TVs have exploded like a bomb. Due to this, there has been a lot of loss of life and property. You will be surprised to know that if there is any defect in your expensive smart TV or you are being careless with it, then it can also burst badly. You should know about this. Today we are going to tell you the reason for the explosion in smart TV. 


Some possible causes of TV blast:

Overheating: If the TV is left on for a long period or is in a poorly ventilated area, it may overheat and explode.

Bad components: Bad or damaged capacitors or other electronic components can cause a short circuit, which can lead to an explosion.

Overvoltage: A sudden surge of power can damage TV components and cause an explosion.

Defects in manufacturing: In some cases, poor manufacturing or flaws in components can cause an explosion.

It is important to note that TV blasts are very rare events. Most TVs operate safely and do not pose a risk of explosion.

But, you can reduce the risk of TV blasts by taking some precautions:

Keep your TV in a well-ventilated area.

Turn off the TV when you are not using it.

Keep your TV from overheating.

Have any damaged or worn components replaced immediately?

Get your TV repaired only by an authorized service center.

If your TV is producing smoke or unusual sounds, turn it off immediately and contact a qualified electrician or service technician.